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[FIC] Hoshi no Suna - Gackt/Miyavi - chapter 14

Title: Hoshi no Suna
Author: sevenswells
Beta: kamexkame
Rating: NC-17
(One True) Pairing: Gackt/Miyavi
Status: Complete (14 chapters out of 14)
Warnings: Totally Not Safe For Work, very explicit adult content, yaoi, yuri, angst, kink, language and drug use
Genre: Alternate Universe
Summary: This is a story about how Miyabi became Miyavi, led on this treacherous and forbidden path by rock star and living god Kamui/Camui Gackt.
Comments: dedicated to kamexkame, supacat, thin_lipid and mattiezumi

(Chapter 1: La Salade)//(Chapter 2: Mofo)//(Chapter 3: Heart in a Cage)//(Chapter 4: Personal Jesus)//(Chapter 5: Vanilla)//(interlude: Porcelain)//(Chapter 7: Cubicle/Who do you think you are?)//(Chapter 8: Moi, Lolita)//(Chapter 9: Lose Yourself)//(Chapter 10: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger)//(Chapter 11: A ton étoile)//(Chapter 12: Trash, Trampoline and the Party Girl)//(Chapter 13: Death of a Martian)//updated: (Chapter 14 [end] : Tsuki no Uta)

GACKT FANFICS: X-posted on jrockyaoi and gakueev
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